How To Keep Your Lash Extensions Stay Fresh and Last Longer?

How To Keep Your Lash Extensions Stay Fresh and Last Longer?

How To Keep Your Lash Extensions Stay Fresh and Last Longer?

How To Keep Your Lash Extensions Stay Fresh and Last Longer?

If you have been wanting to lengthen your eyelashes for a long time, applying several layers of mascara is not helpful. Though you have an option of artificial lashes, but it is not a permanent one. Artificial always looks unnatural. It will never give you what you actually want. Then what? Lash extensions are the most suitable solution if you want healthy and original-looking lashes to highlight your eyes. A lash and brow bar can help you with lash extensions. But is this as simple as it looks? Not really! Let’s find out why.

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Those who have heard of eyelash extensions must have heard about the cautionary tales surrounding them. One could experience many difficulties after lash extensions, like natural eyelashes may fall out, infection in lashes and others if you don’t choose a licensed esthetician who fails to apply them correctly. You must consider that lash extension is an absolutely safe process, and it doesn’t cause any damage to your natural lash if you choose a trained professional who performs lash extensions appropriately.  

Apart from choosing a licensed professional or a trusted team, you must take proper care of lash extensions to maintain longevity. No need to wonder how to take the best care of your lash extensions. Beauty Brow Lash Bar shares some tips to make the most out of your lash extension.

  1.       Clean Your Lashes Everyday: There may be thousands of ways to take the best care of your eyelash extension, but one of the easiest ways is to keep your lashes clean. All you need is a lash foaming cleanser to clean your lashes just like your daily face washing routine to keep your lashes clean and secure. While removing eye makeup, always pair lashes cleanser with a gel eye makeup remover to remove oil and debris from your eye and brow area.
  2.       Avoid Using Mascara and Lash Curlers: If possible, avoid using lash curlers on your extensions, as it can damage your lashes. Avoid overusing mascara as it contains oil that can break down the adhesive used to stick your artificial lashes, resulting in them falling out. If you think your lash extensions need some treatment as they have got tangled, you can use a dry lash wand to brush them and separate them gently.
  3.       Always Be Gentle On Your Lash Extensions: The general rule for your eyelash extensions is that the less you mess with them, the longer they will last. Try not to rub, tug or pluck your extensions too much when you have got lash extensions, as they can cause your extensions to fall off. If you feel itching near your lash line, you can soothe it without pulling or too much rubbing your lashes by using your mascara wand and brushing through them gently.
  4.       Use A Lash Sealant: If you wish your lash extensions last longer, you must invest in a protective lash sealant. This product can help lash extensions go a long way by protecting the adhesive used to attach the lashes by locking them in place for a long time. In short, a lash sealant is a perfect aftercare product you can use to extend the life of your lash extensions.
  5.       Don’t Miss The Refills: When it comes to making your extensions last longer, you can do it by keeping up with your lash refill every two weeks. It is the best way to keep your lash line looking healthier. When you come for a refill, professionals freshen up your existing lashes and place the new ones. This will ensure a full, lush line and fresh-looking lash you would love. Keeping up with regular fills doesn’t mean you need to bring lash fullness back every 2 weeks. This could mean that you need to upgrade your lashes if required.
  6.       Use Lash-Extension-Friendly Products: Make sure your beauty products are safe with lash extensions. Stay away from waterproof mascara and oil or alcohol-based cosmetics. Always include oil-containing moisturizers, as you can apply them around the eyes. Talk to professionals immediately if you are unsure about any product and are afraid that it could harm your lashes.
  7.       Make Sure You Sleep Right And Tight: When you have new lashes, you need to discover new sleeping positions. Sleep on your side or back to avoid damaging your beautiful eyelash extensions. If you sleep on your stomach, it can damage extensions, or you may require a bit of practice to keep your lashes safe in that sleeping position.
  8.       Avoid Touching Your Lashes Repeatedly: If you have a habit of touching or rubbing your lashes, you must watch your habit after getting extensions. Over and over again, touching extensions can damage your lashes or affect their shape. They may also get detached from their eyes. Make sure you don’t touch them frequently.

Even after so much care and protection, if you think your lashes have some problem or your extensions need an upgrade, feel free to contact the experts instantly to avoid further damage. Once the professionals check the current status of your lash extensions, they will only suggest the treatment based on that.

Prevention and protection are always better than cure. We hope that these tips and tricks might help you maintain your lash extensions for longer than you expect. Also, our suggestions would have made you aware of the situations in which your lashes can damage, which might further increase your expenditure. Feel free to contact us for any suggestions or information on lash extensions. Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable. We can help you by providing the best solutions and advice to keep your lashes healthy for longer.

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