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A Guide To Get Ultimate Eyebrows: How To Get A Perfect Eyebrows Shape

A Guide To Get Ultimate Eyebrows: How To Get A Perfect Eyebrows Shape

Your eyebrows act like a frame for your face and define the overall look of your face. Like fashion changes with the era, styles and shape of eyes also change. These days, full and natural brows are highly trending. But this doesn’t mean you cannot shape and maintain them well with different shaping methods. Brow lamination in Melbourne is trending and quite popular among young women. There are more such techniques through which you can highlight your brows and maintain them well without causing any damage to them.

This blog will act as a foolproof eyebrow shaping guide that will tell you about everything you need to know to maintain perfect brows.

What Eyebrow Shape Will Suit Me?

Thousands of searches are made by women regarding their brows, which the Netizens frequently ask. This helps them determine what eyebrow shape will suit them. Even if you don’t find anything, it will be fun looking at your face and brows and then reading the shape facts and matching them with your existing brows.

Here is some information you can read to work out the best on your brows.

  •         If you have a round and wide face with full cheeks and a round jawline, a soft brow with a high arch will suit such faces as they will draw the eye upward and make your face look long.
  •         If you have a heart-shaped face with a tapering chin and wider forehead, choosing a brow with a soft brow and a low arch towards the centre will further balance your brow.
  •         If you have a long face with narrow cheekbones, a forehead and a broader jawline, you must choose a flat, straight brow with a light arch.
  •         People with heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and a more pointed chin. People with this face shape must choose a soft brow with a low arch at the centre of the eyebrows. Such brows balance their face.

There are many more face and brow shapes that you may find online. Make sure you understand your face structure first and decide the arch of the brows accordingly from the given resources. Take expert help which is the safest route to get the perfect brows.

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What Are Different Methods of Eyebrow Shaping?

Different shaping methods are popular among women. These include threading, waxing and plucking. However, these are fundamental techniques for maintaining and shaping brows. But with time, things have changed and so do the shaping techniques. Apart from waxing or threading, brow lamination and brow tinting are some additional techniques that have successfully taken place in the heart of several women. They find them safe and trustable as these techniques can get them the perfect suiting brow shape according to their shape. Women with no or thin brows can also find a few helpful methods.

Brow Lamination Melbourne is the most searched phrase by the women in Melbourne. They are interested to know more about brow lamination and how it can help them achieve the perfect brows according to their face shape.

Understanding Brow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a relatively new procedure focusing more on creating shiny, smooth brows. Some people also call it “eyebrow perm” because of its high-shine effects that makes the brows sought after, especially in people with thin or unruly brows. It is safe and doesn’t involve needles like microblading, in which needles and colouring are involved.

Eyebrow lamination is also ideal for those who wish to style them in a certain way and are tired of using brow gel daily. If you want to maintain the results obtained from eyebrow lamination, you have to repeat the process after some time in the future. You can rest assured as this is a safe process and doesn’t involve any risk.  

How Is Brow Lamination Performed?

Brow lamination involves perming your eyebrows to give them a fuller, more even look. Even if you wash your cosmetics, you will find them in place. Below are some steps involved in the procedure.

  1.       The cream is applied to your brows to lift the hairs up.
  2.       Brows hairs are brushed upward to pull them in a uniform direction.
  3.       A neutralizer is applied to seal your brows in place.
  4.       Finally, your brows are nourished with oil to prevent dryness and skin irritation that can be caused due to use of chemicals during the perm.  

You cannot do this process at home, and we do not suggest the same. It will be good to find brow lamination services near you, read their reviews online, check their customer experiences and book an appointment with them. This will help you get initial guidance about the brow lamination and decide whether you want to go ahead with the process or not. 

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