Fall Shed: What It Is and How To Prevent It?

Fall Shed: What It Is and How To Prevent It?

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The human body undergoes many changes with the change in weather. Fall lash shedding is one such phenomenon that happens during the fall season. You must have occasionally found a lash over your cheek that you quickly picked and made a wish. That lash was there because it fell from the body due to the changing weather effect. While it is a natural phenomenon, too much lash fall shedding can be problematic and demands professional intervention. Moreover, this can also make it tough to wear eyelash extensions and manage them.

Understanding Lash Shedding:

Just like the hair, our eyelashes also shed. Usually, it takes 60-90 days for a new lash to grow and replace the old lash completely, and they also have a fallout cycle. A human can easily get 20% of their eyelashes replaced, which is a healthy growth cycle. The rate is different for every individual; simply put, a human loses 2-5 natural lashes every week, and there is nothing to worry about.

However, the entire process becomes worrisome when you do not have new eyelashes replacing the shed ones. It all happens so smoothly that the details get unnoticed, but when you do not have new lashes growing, you can see empty spaces in the lashes.

What Is The Reason Behind Fall Lash Shedding?

The name fall lash shedding comes from losing most of our lashes during the fall season. The lashes shed because of the external equation changes, including temperature change, humidity, and increased wind flow. These factors affect the lash cycle and can induce lash shedding. If you see fallen lashes here and there, it can be because of the changing weather and the season.

The weather changes affect our skin and hair differently, and dehydration becomes common. In response, the body starts producing more oil which hampers the growth cycle of the lashes, leading to premature fallout. However, you may not even notice it if it is a healthy fall. However, even if it goes unnoticed, the process of new lashes replacing the fallen ones is essential and must occur without any glitches.

Eyelash fall shedding and its effects on lash extensions:

Here comes the part that we all have been waiting for. The first thing you need to understand about fall shedding is that it would happen even if you have lash extensions. It is a common notion that having a lash extension can prevent fall shedding, which is not true. What is true here is that you lose your eyelash extension with every lash falling out.

Our eyelashes have a growth cycle where they grow to a certain length, become old, fall out, and then a new eyelash replaces it. This means that the eyelash extension sitting on top of your natural lashes will also take the same effect.

You can always be attentive to your needs and avoid eyelash extension fallout by visiting the nearest eyelash extension studio for refill appointments. If you undergo an eyelash refill appointment every 2-3 weeks, you can easily maintain the eyelash extension even if your natural lashes are falling out.

How To Care For Your Eyelash Extension During The Lash-Shedding Cycle?

Keep The Extensions Clean

Cleaning your extension and maintaining them that way is essential to maintain your eyelash extension when your natural lashes are shedding. Weather affects the body differently, and lashes produce more oil during the shedding season. This oil nurtures the roots of healthy lashes but becomes a concern for your eyelash extension as it causes build-ups along the lash line. Brushing away the build-up or any other type of residue is important. The cleaner you keep your lash line, the longer your eyelash extension will last. You must use a lash brush and a gentle lash cleaner to clean and maintain the extensions in perfect condition.

Apply A Lash Sealant

Using a high-quality lash sealant can help prevent the excessive lash fall as it strengthens the adhesive on the lashes. The stronger the adhesive, the longer your lash extension will stick to its right place. This is the second layer of protection for the extensions during the winter season.

Make Lash Refill Appointments

Find a reliable eyelash studio and book yourself a lash refill appointment. Do not forget to visit the studio once every 2-3 weeks to ensure your eyelashes are well maintained, and any fallen lashes are replaced with a refill.

While you cannot prevent your natural eyelashes from falling during the fall season, you can always care for the extensions. Hope this guide offers you enough understanding to care for your eyelash extensions the right way and have healthy and gorgeous eyelashes year around.




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