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Brows = Art

Brow Lamination

 What is Brow Lamination? 

Brow lamination is a new-ish beauty treatment out of Russia that promises to turn even the flattest, unruliest eyebrows into big, bold, fluffy ones.It is a technique used on the brows to create voluminous, full, feathery brows that are defined and yet natural looking. The treatment restructures the brow hairs to keep them in a desired shape for up to eight weeks. A treatment that provides similar result to microblading (eyebrow tattooing) that’s pain-free and without any downtime.

How does eyebrow lamination work?

Sumi explains Brow Lamination works in two stages – lifting and setting.

First, a lifting solution is applied onto clean brows to break the bonds in the hair so the technician can brush them up into the desired shape using tweezers and a spoolie (a naked mascara wand). This solution is processed under some glad wrap and how long this takes depends on how thick your brows are to start with.

Next comes the setting solution, which will set your brows into their new restructured shape. This is also processed under glad wrap before the technician will clean the brows and do any final shaping and tinting. This whole process takes around half an hour.

There are varying degrees of hectic-ness one can have with their brow lamination. A technician can shape your eyebrows into anything from sleek and groomed or a slightly brushed up, fluffy look, to a full blown Cara Delevingne editorial brow.

How long does brow lamination last for?

How long your brow lamination will last for depends on your hair cycle. Like your eyelashes, your brow hairs have a hair renewal cycle during which old hairs fall out and new hairs come through. Most people will have a growth cycle of around 30 days, so your brow lamination can last anywhere from three to eight weeks.

Brow lamination After Care

You’ll need to keep your brows dry and away from heat and steam for 24 hours – no washing your hair or exercising (I know, bummer). It's also advised brushing your brows daily with a clean spoolie and applying a serum or oil onto the brows to keep the hair hydrated as the chemicals can dry them out.

Brow lamination risks/side effects

Brow lamination isn’t for everyone. This technique only works if you already have brow hairs to be lifted, so those with very thin or non-existent brows would be better suited to microblading.