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Honey, Have You Been Sugared Yet?


  • Body Sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal using a completely natural paste made from lemon, sugar and water. It looks like honey, but is even thicker. The paste is molded onto your skin against the direction of the hair growth, then quickly flicked off – removing the sugar paste, extracting your unwanted hair and collecting dead skin cells. This ancient hand technique that allows for the hair to be extracted in the direction of its growth means less breakage and discomfort for you! We have attached a video for you to see our process. It’s more sanitary and reduces waste because there are no sticks or strips. After your service the paste and gloves are discarded and you are left with beautifully smooth skin.


  • It is NOT Hot

    Our sugar paste is applied at body temperature making it safe for all areas of the body. It is even safe to use over spider veins and non-painful varicose veins. It will NEVER burn you as the sugar paste is barely lukewarm.

  • It will NOT stick to the Skin

    Sugar cannot adhere to live skin. Live skin cells are wet and because sugar is water soluble, it will not adhere to the live skin cells. This means it will only stick to the hair, not the skin, significantly reducing the discomfort of hair removal.

  • It is also safe

    It is also safe to perform sugaring on dry itchy eczema and psoriasis. It is safe enough to go over the same area several times when necessary to extract the shortest and most coarse hairs without causing skin damage and irritation.

  • It will NOT break hairs like wax can

    With our sugaring technique, the sugar paste wraps around the hair shaft making it pliable, while seeping below the mouth of the follicle, lubricating the hair. This makes extraction more complete and gentle. The hair is eased out of the follicle only in the direction of the natural hair growth which helps to keep the hair intact. Because of the direction of extraction the client feels little discomfort.

  • It is sanitary

    The sugar paste is hypoallergenic and non comedogenic. Sugar is antimicrobial and in fact was used in the civil war to treat open wounds to prevent infection and promote healing. One ball of sugar can be used on the entire body. It CAN extract very short hairs – The technique we use only requires 1.5mm or hair growth, this is about 4-7 days after shaving and in some instances practitioners have successfully removed hairs only 2 days after shaving.

  • Leads to Permanency

    After a few treatments, the hair follicle begins to deplete and the hair growth is more refined each time. Because sugar can extract the shortest hair, it is possible to extract hair in the Anagen phase of growth which leads to permanency. With a full circle of care and correct treatment timing you can see superior results after just a few treatments.