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Things to be mindful of before your appointment:

– When booking in for both a facial treatment and brow/facial threading/lash extensions, we prefer your facial to be done first, followed by your threading/waxing/lash services.

– When booking in for a brow tint, If you recently have had a spray tan or use tanning products on your face, let your therapist know.

– For Lash Extension Refill appointments, a minimum of 30% of lashes need to be attached to your natural lashes. If it is less than this, we require you to book in for a New Set of lashes.

– If you use retinol please avoid using this 48hrs prior to any facial, threading or facial waxing appointment.

– If you use any form of prescription Vitamin a, please avoid using this 5 days prior to any facial, threading or facial waxing appointment.

Waxing the entire body to remove unwanted hair is known as full body waxing. Hot wax (or your preferred choice) is poured over small regions in this method. The wax is then smoothed and wiped over with a wax strip or cloth and then swiftly taken off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Microblading is the secret to perfect eyebrows giving your brows a fuller and natural appearance. Beauty Brow Lash Bar experts perfectly shape your brows with microblading techniques to enhance them.
Lash Liftings

Beauty Brow Lash Bar’s lash lift is for anyone who wants a hassle-free, long-lasting answer to their daily morning ritual of applying mascara, falsies, and perms over their natural lashes over and over again. This Lash Lift procedure at our salon may be the best option for long-lasting, cost-effective treatment of a person’s natural lash volume.
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Beauty Brow Lash Bar is the city's prominent salon offering professional services at affordable prices. The clean, serene, and friendly environment is the real reason our clients love us! Get our services and enjoy the real desired results! 


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