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5 Things Nobody Told You Before Your First Eyebrow Threading


MAY 31,2018


When you are getting your eyebrows threaded there are some things that you should know beforehand. Brow threading Melbourne is a new way to get the eyebrows looking great. There are five things that no one told you before getting your eyebrows threaded for the first time that you should know.

1. It Does Not Hurt That Much

There will be some pain associated with eyebrow threading. Many people do not really consider it to be pain but an unusual sensation. If you are really nervous the technician can try it on the back of your hand so you know what to expect and what it is going to feel like on your eyebrows.

2. Safest Form of Hair Removal’

Brow threading Melbourne is one of the gentlest and safest ways of hair removal. Other methods require that the skin gets yanked and this can lead to irritation. With threading the skin is not pull or stretched. Threading can be used on sensitive skin and can even be used by people with skin conditions such as acne.

3. Your Brows are Defined

The eyebrow technician will have complete control over your eyebrows. There will be no need for tweezing when they are done. They will be able to have control over every hair that is removed and the ones that they do not want to move. They will even be able to get the finer hairs. This will allow for precise shaping of the eyebrow. An experienced professional can give you a brow that is well defined.

4. Easy Maintenance

Once you get your eyebrows threaded it is easy to keep up with. All of your unwanted hairs will be removed at one time. This will also allow the hair to grow in at the same time so you will have to worry about stray hairs. You can wait a couple of weeks before having to go back and get your eyebrows threaded once again.

5. Use Only on the Eyes and Face

While threading is effective for shaping your eyebrows it should only be used on this area or feature on your face. This method will take a very long time to remove hair from other parts of the body and is hence, not designed for larger areas. When you go to get your eyebrows threaded, be prepare to spend some time at the salon as this process takes longer than other hair removal methods.

These are some things you should know about eyebrow threading. It is not as painful as you may think and it will help you get clean and properly shaped brows.