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Eyebrow Shapes That Suit All Ages And Face Types

Professional Tips

Professional Tips
MAY 31,2017

Eyebrow Shapes That Suit All Ages And Face Types

People often put in extra efforts on proper maintenance of their face. The most important feature which requires constant upkeep on one’s face is the eyebrows. While getting their eyebrows done most people find it a bit difficult to find the perfect eyebrow shape for their face. If you too are one of those who are not able to select the perfect eyebrow shape then, here is a list of eyebrow shapes that suits almost every face type and age.

  • Arched in the middle

The most common yet the most stylish eyebrow shape is the one that remains arched in the middle. This kind of eyebrow shape suits almost every person but is not easy to get for every person. The arched in the middle kind of eyebrow is easy to maintain for people that have eyebrows that naturally arch towards the center but without causing a peak.

  • Barely there - Arches

The barely there arches are the type of eyebrows of the people that almost have a well shaped eyebrows. These are the natural arches and require minimal maintenance, there isn’t much that is to be done in order to create this look. However, it gets difficult when people without much of arch in their eyebrow wish to get this look.

  • Straight, but thick

The straight eyebrow look is the ideal eyebrow shape for people who do not have a natural arch in their brows. If there is no natural arch in your eyebrows then you should not force and create them. Straight eyebrows look amazing on people who do not have as natural arch in their eyebrows.

  • The stretched S

The S shaped eyebrow starts from the middle and ends in a very subtle manner at the end. There is no arch or shape in this type of eyebrow and is considered to be a very bold look by a lot of people. A lot of people consider this to be a natural deformity of the eyebrows and they try to correct it  using make-up and shaping. But, a lot of other women generally pull this look in an elegant way.

  • Extra Long tail

This one is a dramatic shape of the eyebrow and is usually worn by the celebrities and movie stars. This eyebrow shape consists of an arch but the length of the eyebrow is generally long which makes it look bold and more defined. These eyebrows can be obtained quite easily if the person has a longer eyebrow.

Eyebrows are responsible for creating the most significant frame of the face cut. There are innumerable shapes and types of eyebrows but not each of them suit everybody. People of different age and different face structure get their eyebrows done in different shapes. Here are some of the eyebrow shapes that suit almost every age and face type.